MD Mentors

For physicians doing small, membership practices

 "Doing it solo, together."


Life Design for physicians

Many physicians reach a point wonder what's next. maybe the kids are leaving home, maybe you don't have enough time to really connect with your patients anymore.  Maybe it's hard to remember why you thought being a doctor would be fun.

Some go for their MBA, some review cases for insurance companies or lawyers, some retire early.

Take some time to assess what you love doing, what the world needs, and where those intersect. 


dpC Start-up Mastermind

Once you've decided to start your own practice, there are a ton of decisions to make and things to do.  Yes, it's fun to be your own boss, but if you've never started a business before, it can be intimating. You can do it on your own, but now that so many have gone before, why not learn from them?

Join a small group and navigate the process together.  We will invite experienced doctors who have mastered part of the process to share in phone calls (recordings provided).  Develop your own brain trust.  Share tips to make things easier, as well as your fears and hopes. 

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DPC Mentors Mastermind

Practicing in a small membership practice is great, especially if you designed it yourself.  But it can be lonely work.  it's easier to stay focused on why you are doing what you do when you have a group of like-minded doctors to lean on.  inspire you.  And just understand.