Retreat Testimonials

“It was so very magical in many ways.”

“Heart & Soul Retreat is the perfect place to get recharged and inspired. The vistas are sublime. The trails provide wonderful opportunities for daily exercise and restful swings await you on the mountain top. Steve and Sharon offer delicious and healthy meals; a particular highlight are the smoothies. Of course all of this is in addition to the personal care and concern that is shown to every guest.”

“Sharon, a special thank you for being the Mother Creator of our mutual creation.  Your land and home is a gift from the gods.”

“In the wide world of medicine, there are so many structures, templates, diagnostic flow charts, assessments, specific tests for this and that...there are plans, systems, treatments and outcomes. And dare I say, there are more external expectations of performance on docs than I could possibly delineate at this time. There are things you can count on, that is, until you can't. I loved all this for years and grew into an awful sadness watching physicians and healers devolve into insurance driven automatons. The emotional pain was palpable & soul-sucking sounds were deafening at times! So I deeply know that Sharon is up to great work here – whole-hearted work that helps healers return to their soul’s calling - and in doing that, helps heal many, many, many.”

“Physicians are disgruntled and unhappy and don't know where to turn.  They get a lot of chances to share their complaints but not a lot of what to do about it.  Sharon is offering options.  She can help you move from frustration to doing something positive for your practice and your life.”